Every New InstallBuilder Project must have minimum one exe file and must be tagged with #RUN identifier.
In a project only one identifier "#RUN" is allowed.
How to tag program exe file of the Smart InstallBuilder Project
In order to create the self extractor efficiently,it is necessary to arrange the files required in a folder which may contain the program files and other system files and help files or other folders as may be needed for.
InstallBuilder Project .
It is advisable to keep all projects in a specified location of any drive with sufficient free space,so that modification or removal of the project or to add new project will be easy.
A project is created with a file with (.bld ) extension.It is a compressed file represents the projects with its folder and files details.
Step to be followed.
Under the New Project [F2] you will find the following option menu.
Once you click <Use Existing Project Folder> menu item ,'Add files from target folder' window will appear and you can select the desired project folder.Remember this menu item is used only to create new project for which existing project folder is used.
Create New Project Folder
To open existing project file with '.bld' extension use 'Open Project [F3] ' menu.
The selected project folder will be expanded as shown below.
This is an adjustable window to suit size and the files from the various folders can be added to the project and after adding all the files required ,the project can be saved.The project will be saved in to the 'setup' folder by default.It is also possible to save it in to other location,but it represents the original folder location to retrieve files.
Adding duplicate files will be alerted with message.
'Open Project [F3]