It may so happen that the completed project may sometimes require folder change which might not be anticipated at the time of creating the project folder.
The system files meant for 'Windows' directory is originally created for 'System32' directory and any other folder as the case may be.In such cases it can be resolved using the folder change option.
To use this option:
1.Open the project and click on the 'Destination Path' title which will open the folder replacement windows as given below.

In the figure above, _System32_ macro stands for 'System32' is clicked.Now the 'Change Destination Directory' is opened.
Then click the 'Options' button and this will open with available program macros for selection.
Now click the _Windows_ for 'Windows' Directory.On selection it will be entered in to the 'To Destination Folder' edit field.
If you want to proceed with it, click 'Change' button.Now prompt will appear with a warning that the change proposed will make changes to all '_System32_' folder where ever applicable.
Of course, it can be reverted back if the applied change is not required and it can be done by selecting the required item again as is done above and apply the 'Change' button.
It can be seen that the change of folder carried out above will apply to the project folder and the relevant folder will be changed according to the type of change applied.