Copy files to the project folder.

Click 'Select Dir' button to select and browse the directory location containing the files.

On selectthe folder the files in that folder will be displayed in the 'Files in Selected Directory ' panel.

Now ensure that the folder in the 'Program Folders' is selected properly.On selectiong folder,click each file or click 'SelectAll' button to add files to the selected Program Folder.

Repeat this until al the files are added to to the 'Program Folders' from selected folders using 'Seelect Dir' button.

Now verify and ensure by selecting each folder from 'Program Folders' panel and viewing each group of files from the 'Folder Selected:' panel.

If all the files are added correctly it is time to 'Create Target Folder' by clickin this button.

On clicking 'Create Target Folder' button the 'Select Directory' browser will open to select the location to create the target folder.Now selct the drive and directory and enter or selct the folder for the project folder.

If the entered folder is new it will be created,'Copy the files to the selected directory' message will appear.

If it is ok,files can be copied in to the new folder with progress message.On completing the folder copy,message will appear that the 'Project Folder' has been created successfully.

On clicking it,another message will appear showing 'Do you want to add the files to the project folder?'.

If you accept it with 'Yes' ,you will find 'Add files from target folder window'.

Using this windows the files from the respective folder can be added to the project and complete it.

Now the 'Smart InstallBuilder (8.2)' windows contains all the files added with full details viz.File Name,Source Path,Destination Path,File Size and Date.

5.Create another folder preferably within <setup_folder> say <setup> folder to save the compiled <setf extractor.exe> file and project file.This will enable the user to have every thing related to the project in this folder. It is also possible to select different folder to save project file and compiled exe file.

Create New Project Folder

On clicking this button the selected files will be copied n to selected folder.

This newly created folder will contain the following details.

1.Program Files folder.

2.Other folders as selected for the programs.

3.A new folder <setup> will be created and the project file will be saved in to this project and

after compilation of the project the compiles exe file will be saved in to <setup\temp> folder.