Registry key can be added in two ways:
1.Add keys directly to the registry builder.
Make available your key,name,type and value in that case.
a.Enter the key in to 'Selected key/Key entered field'.
b.Select any one of the Root Key from 'Select Root Key to Scan'.This will enable the Check Boxes applicable.
c.Select the 'Key Type'.
d.Enter Key Name or click the CheckBox for Default Key Name.
e.Select Mode of Action CheckBox for Registry Deletion (D) or Write (W) applicable to the program.
f.Select Before (B_I) or After (A_I) Install CheckBox  applicable.
If the above details are given the 'Add Key' button will be enabled and by clicking it will add the entered key in to the registry builder and shown under 'Key Details'.
2.Adding keys by scanning.
Select the root key and click 'Scan' button to start scanning the registry.
After scanning the selected root key or after cancelling the scan ,the scanned key can be expanded by clicking the key node.Then go to the required key node and select the key.
To display the details of selected key,click the name under Key Name and Data window pane.
If this key requires modification,do it and add to the project.
If the selected keys details are to be added in to your project,Click the 'Add Key' button.
If large value data is applied it will be stored in file and to edit and display click the key value data in the registry builder Key Details window pane.
Delete Registry Key