Every project must have dialog message of licence agreement to be displayed before installing the software in the target machine.Smart InstallBuilder has a built in standard license agreement which will be displayed while installing Smart InstallBuilder.Similarly when Smart InstallBuilder is used to develop other setup programs different licence agreement will be required. In that case this tool may be used.
Once the project is open and the 'Add Dialog [ALT+G]' button is enabled,click it to open the dialog window as below.If it is seen disabled click on the 'Project exe #RUN' from 'File Name' title to enable.

Here you may enter the details in to the inbuilt editor or load details from an external text file.It is recommended to load the information from external file for licence agreement for each project so that it can be modified and reloaded if necessary.
However ,if the built in licence agreement is used, delete the existing licence data by using 'Delete' button.Now the 'Save 'Button will be changed to 'Create New' Button and on clicking this, the following dialog window will appear with the 'Product Version' information of the project exe file.

From this dialog window select Trial or Licensed version as applicable and enter the 'Company' name to finish by clicking 'OK' button.The new product information will be displayed during installing the software in the target machine.The product licence can also be included through registry entries programmatically as is displayed in the Smart InstallBuilder under 'Help' ViewLicencce menu.
The trial period '30' days is the default value and it cannot be changed.If trial period of your project needs change then add the licence agreement separately from external file.